Mazdaspeed miata, I know none of you want it

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Unfortunately it is time to part with my beloved Mazdaspeed Miata; bittersweet to list this for sale. Low miles for the year, 100% stock. New tires with about 2k miles on them. I just dont have the time to give this car the TLC it needs, and want to move onto an ND. Im a big dude and its a bit of an ordeal to cram into, and the ND is just that bit more spacious. If im comfortable I'll simply use it more, and I am getting to the point it makes me sad I dont drive this more. Someone else can take of this very special car - only about 400 came in this color.

I'm asking 16,000 with the hardtop. Car is located in the Knoxville, TN (Maryville, I'm sure lots of you guys know it!) area.

Good: Stock, low miles, no know issues. I have some various parts to go with the car; hard top side latches never installed, visor delete kit, spare oem exhaust with a broken midpipe. I got the whole thing and just needed the midpipe.

Bad: Window has fallen out the top so it needs to be replaced, but you do get a hardtop (worth ~2k). It was in an accident, but the repairs were done and the car drives fine. Some cosmetic flaws pictured, car is a solid 10 footer. The bumper started to peal so I re-clear coated it. Various deferred maintenance items need to be addressed in the near future. Pretty sure timing belt has never been done for example. Rear shocks especially seem tired, but function fine for now. Maybe I'm just fat :rofl:
Hardtop goes with the car due to bad soft top. Feel free to ask any questions. I have both keys, manuals, window sticker, etc.

please let me know if they dont work for yall, been awhile since i did message boards. Shame facebook killed them.
Desertbreh wrote: Thu Sep 15, 2022 4:28 pm I'm happy for Brad because nobody jerks it to the Miata harder on this forum and that is the Crown Prince of Miatas.
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Cool car. Hope it goes to a good home.
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