How to DFD: Rules & Bylaws, Info, and FAQ.

Step right up and take a hot cup of welcome!
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Below you'll find a four-step process to help you DFD like a pro. Read on, comrade.

Step One: What is Dat Forum, Doe?

DFD is our hole on the internet that we'd like to share with you.


Step Two: The Basics

1) You're :wrong:

2) You're still :wrong:

3) Don't be a dick.

4) No bitchassness.

5) Always hover.

6) NSFW must be well marked, linked if in a non-NSFW thread, or in its own marked thread.

7) There is no rule 7.

8) Forum fights are frowned upon, and if fighting continues, a Siberian cockfight will be arranged.

9) Important decisions will rarely but sometimes be made through the process of a public tally in an official poll.

10) Offensive Content
All DFD members will be responsible for the reporting of offensive content.
The Trollistration of DFD will not be responsible for reporting content, but will be responsible for voting on, and processing said reports.
Warnings will be given on a completely arbitrary scale, depending on the severity of the offense, the amount of butthurt caused, and the current mood of the Trollistration.

Failure to obey these simple rules may result in temporary (or permanent) exile to Новосибирск, the capital of Сибирь. You don't know what shrinkage is until you've been to Новосибирск.


Step Three: FAQ.

- How big can I make my avatar size? 125px.

- I want to put a picture in my sig. Don't. It won't work.

- You guys seem to speak in a code. What is the language here? Click here for the official Dictionary of DFD.

- Can I add this forum to Tapatalk? The answer is YES! Search for "dat forum doe" in Tapatalk and add us.


Step Four: Introduce yourself!

Click here to head to the Welcome Wagon and post an introduction - then you can start your whoring.