ND Miata 17” wheels w/ BFGoodrich Rivals

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Ground Chuck
Ground Chuck
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I’m lazy and don’t feel like retyping the marketplace listing here :hellno: so you can go read that here

https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/it ... 672681271/

Summary: set of 4 ND Miata stock 17” wheels with BFGoodrich Rivals 225/45R17. Wheels are 9.5/10, ceramic coated. 3 tires have 60% of tread left. 1 tire is brand new.

Asking $650 but open to offers. Local pickup in Orlando, FL strongly preferred but I’d be willing to ship for one of you :doe:
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First Sirloin
First Sirloin
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These would look great on my brother's Fiesta, but those are 4x108. Dammit Fraud. GLWS
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